when facebook makes you crazy…

So… here’s what’s going on.


I need to spend significantly less time on facebook.

While I love keeping up with friends and reading their funny anecdotes and seeing what’s up with people, I’ve been actually getting stressed out lately by always being tempted to:

1. scroll through my newsfeed and see who got engaged/married/had a baby/insert big life change here.

2. super stalk people (but never leave comments on anything, so I can be that anonymous creep.)

3. know what everybody else is doing all the time, at every moment. (& feeling like I need to know what everybody else is doing constantly, & like I’ll miss out on something if I don’t get to see that picture someone posted of their breakfast.)

So… with that said, I’m doing an experiment.

I am planning to treat this blog like my facebook page for a little bit. I’ll be posting things here instead, and seeing if it lessens my feelings of: “holy crap everyone is married I need to get married why do I not have seven children by now” and “I just want to waste an evening looking through your photos from 2009.”

If all goes well, I am hoping it will help me manage my time more effectively {and also keep me from seeing #blessed every day of my life.}

This isn’t to say that I won’t go on/post to facebook anymore, or that I’m permanently giving up clandestinely stalking people I don’t ever talk to… but I need to be somewhat productive in my lifetime, so cutting back a bit seems like a good starting point. 🙂

{If you happen to need to talk to me for any reason, you can still totally facebook message me — let’s be serious, i won’t be able to not check it for so long that i’ll actually miss something important or time-sensitive– but you can also text me. or call me. or email me. or show up at my doorstep. or whatever thrills you.}

So… I guess we’ll see how this goes!!

Catch you later…




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